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I’ve noticed (and it’s not just in the last days) that readers from the Glee fandom don’t read het fanfiction much. At least czeach readers. I know just few het stories and not many people read them. And what surprised me even more is that not many people read femshlash. I would love to read some femslash fanfiction in czech but almost noone writes it. There is few Faberry fics and I have read most of them, even though I’m not a big fan of them. Faberry is the only femslash couple people write about in czech. It’s really sad. I’m the only writer who write Brittana but the stories are still mostly about Santana and I would love so much to actually read some good Brittana in czech. And I’m not even talking about NC-17 stories. NC-17 femslesh doesn’t exist in czech fanfiction. And I’m asking why? Why don’t people write it? And why are readers not interested in reading those stories? I saw it when I wrote that Quinntana PWP. Not many people read it. And if they did, they didn’t leave a comment so I have no idea if the story was bad or if they just don’t wanna read femslash. Everyone reads slash. We can find mostly slash fanfiction in czech (and also slovak) fandom. Why? Why is it more interesting for readers then femslash or het fanfiction?

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    That’s pretty simple. Readers of slash are straight girls and they are not attracted to other girls or lesbian sex,...
  2. roudyr answered: I’d be interested in reading some het stories. I mean… by you. Just no Sebtana. NO.
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    Je fakt, že já se v HP Fandomu taky setkala převážně se slashem, ale fem žádnej. Jen pomálu možná Herm/Luna a pak to...
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    sakra a chtěla jsem ještě říct než jsem zmáčkla enter, že femlash se v čr nepíše tak nějak všude… co já teda za pět,...
  5. thedorea answered: hehe, já o tvé Quinntaně vím a ještě jsem se k ní nedostala, ale určitě přečtu!
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